Blogging again

My blogging has been really sporadic.

I am unsure why that is, because unlike most people around me, I am fortunately (or unfortunately) have a lot of time to think, process my experiences and blog. Yet I had not done that.

You must be wondering why I have so much free time. No, I wasn’t let go of from my job or found a good partner who allows me to stay at home. My company just does not make full use of my skills is all.  I’ve read that it is very common that companies are often hiring over skilled workers and then making them do mainly work that is repetitive, routinized and does not require much brain work. I sometimes wondered (darkly) if people will have a higher chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease because of this.

But health should be a personal responsibility especially mental health, so instead letting my brain cells waste away, I decided that blogging again, writing without having to create characters and plan out plot lines would be one of the ways I maintain my sanity.

So, hello again WordPress.

I missed you.


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