On discipline and Deprivation

I made a decision to change how I eat and what I eat about two years ago.

I didn’t treat it like it was a huge decision-making process. There wasn’t a prep talk to myself in the mirror or promising myself this is the last week I gouge on fried chicken before I start the change.

It’s easier to just say, “I ‘ll start from….now.”

Make it a simple decision and don’t prolong the start date.

The motivation was for both health and vanity, although I have to admit it was mostly vanity.

No,no, I did not go on a diet.

Diets do not work, a determination to stay slim requires an equal determination to change your lifestyle or at least your eating habits.

It was difficult the first three months. I cut down food intake by almost half ( I went to a nutritionist to get a food plan to follow) and I  felt hungry most of the time . People around me were not helpful by trying to make me eat foods I should be avoiding saying “A little is okay.”

I think secretly people want you to fail, that way they feel less guilty while chomping down huge quantities of food and titbits while looking at your bird – sized portion and your ability to say no to cookies.

“A little is okay.” rings true only when you reached your desired body size.

With the success of my dieting also came the success of changing how I eat and what I eat.

I no longer salivate when someone puts  fried chicken/french fries/chocolate/large quantity of meat in front of me and there is hardly any reluctance when that “No’ rolls off my lips.

There was also an unexpected boon gained through the new disciplined desire.

Once in a while when I let myself indulge, the enjoyment of that meal/dessert/buffet is more intense, more satisfying and less sinful.


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