Daikon/Radish Compote

I saw this being made on a Japanese show called Pussuma.

It was during an episode where celebrities recommended by other celebrities, cooked their most skilled home cooked meal.

One of the celebrity cooked several interesting dishes with daikon.

The dessert dish came out so pretty and looked so delish that I decided to give it a go.

Since it wasn’t really a cooking show, there was no information about the measurements for the ingredients.

The directions are pretty simple

1) Cut out the center part of the  daikon/radish into cubes. (Its said to be the sweetest part)

2) Cook the daikon/radish in water for about 30 minutes. (leave it to cool for a bit)

3) Pour in red wine, sugar and water and cook the daikon/radish for about 10 minutes.

4) Pour in some lemon juice and put the whole concoction into the fridge to cool

5) Serve with vanilla ice cream

Soooooooo, it really sounds and looks easy right?

Alas, although I  have gotten the compote to look right in terms of color and shape, the radish was not as sweet as I had envision. I suspect that i should probably have used a sweeter red wine and more sugar. I’m going to try with sherry the next time I make this.

But its a pretty healthy dessert and it looks great and doesn’t take a lot of time to make, easy to impress guests with.

P.S The radish used is the white longish version as opposed to the small pink ones.

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