Getting Sick of Being Sick Part 3 – Getting nowwhere with my Asthma

Be content.

Its a common advice I see and hear from time to time, especially from my christian friends.

In my constant battle with my asthma and my super-sensitive respiratory tract that schedules to hijack me once every two to three months, it is difficult to follow that advice.

I seem to have exhausted all forms of medication or treatments that I can find to help stave off an infection or reactionary attack.

Nasal sprays, medipot, gingko biloba, Quercetin, tumeric, Serentide……

The financial burden of the illness would not be so stressful if it bought me relief and control over the asthma, but no matter what I do or take or not do, the weeks in misery seemed destined to happen.

I am currently recovering from bronchitis and had been to the doctor twice in 5 days, plus a trip to radiology. My coughing now has been reduced to a dry, itchy cough that persists 24 hours and is refusing to let up and allow my chest some time to un-tighten.

I did more research online and come to a conclusion that the current syndrome is still being caused mainly by the respiratory tract  continuing to be sensitized and excreting excess mucus  and thus causing that dry itchy feeling.

I can’t seem to find any advice that is foolproof in helping me right now, which is to normalize the upper respiratory tract such that it will stop throwing out mucus to save itself from some imaginary allergens…

If anyone reading this article have any suggestions, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me.

Any advice on how to keep the asthma at bay will also be greatly appreciated.

P.S  I have a cough variant asthma coupled with allergic reactions.

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