On Travelling

Whenever I travel, before even planning, I first decide on which category this trip will be falling under.

So far my categories include

1) Culture and People

2) Nature –Scenic value including World heritage sites

3) Arts and history

4) Sit back and enjoy.

I usually associate sit back and enjoy as trips in which I have money to indulge in a really nice hotel or resort with accompany spa and massages included.

Thus far I had only ventured to Banyan tree at Bintan for that pleasure.

For the first category, trips to cities like New York or Tokyo comes to mind or what I call the “post modern cities”.

People, culture, food and shopping is the priority of the trip.

Tuscanny, Shangri-la (the place in china not the hotel),Nepal,Cambodia and New Zealand are some of the destinations that I had yet to explore for the second category .

I still tend to incline towards the West and Europe when it comes to Arts and history, not so much as an elitist reasoning but more due to the fact that these countries had the financial means to conserve and preserve better than Asia and South East Asia’s museums. In time, I hope countries nearer to me will offer such visual splendor too.

Of course, there are also plenty of countries that offer more than one of these categories, it usually gets very expensive for me when that occurs, point in mind, Japan….

That lovely contradicting country comes with  beautifully well maintained historical sites (Kyoto’s temples), lovely landscapes, mountains, sea, lakes, AMAZING food, Interesting people, and did I mention the SHOPPING???!!

Of course, zipping cross country from 県 to 県 makes one’s pocket much lighter, but a bit of planning beforehand will help save a lot.

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