Getting Sick of being sick Part1

I was going through my medical claims for the past one year and noticed alarmingly that I was getting sick once every two months.

And almost every time, I had to go to the doctor two or three times before I was cured.

I’m no medical expert, I rely heavily on doctors when I get sick. I do a bit of home DIYs like drinking honey,making soup or barley water , but that’s about the extend of my alternative self-medication.

Medicine Drug Pills on Plate

Medicine Drug Pills on Plate (Photo credit:

So I am frustratingly curious as to why I seem to be getting sick more often and taking longer to get well. (Although this could also be caused by the fact that doctors are unable to know whether I am sick because of bacteria infection or sinus issues, another one of my frustrations with the medical industry.)

I lead a relatively healthy lifestyle, I cook almost all my meals during the weekdays, only occasionally touch fast food or canned foods and exercise about three times weekly. Doctors tell me that my asthma could be a reason why I fall sick easily. Yet, no matter how religiously I take my medicine and keep my house as dust free as I can maintain it, my cough symptom in my cough variant asthma never seems to go away completely and get exacerbated when I do get sick .

A friend I was discussing this issue with told me  she find doctors are in general very careful about giving out strong antibiotics nowadays. Bacteria seem to get immune to these drugs easily and it’s not easy to know which antibiotic  is to give for which bacterium. (A specialist once told me that the determination and accuracy of which antibiotic to give which patient during each flu season is mainly base on experience,information at hand and the number of flu patients the doctor see) So a full spectrum antibiotic tends to be the norm, but it tends to be weaker as it is not meant for a specific bacteria.

The other issue is that most people work in offices, enclosed spaces with the open concept being the norm now. Also, we mostly get one or two days medical leave at most in Asia for flu or coughs and quite a high percentage of people return to work while they are still exhibiting illness and thus still contagious. So usually what happens, as per my observations in my own office, is that one person comes back after his /her one day of medical leave rest and is uncomfortably coughing his/her  lungs out.

Colleagues sitting right,left and front of this person  have no cubicle walls to help prevent a bit of that bacteria from crossing over to their breathing space begin to get infected. The one with the weakest immune system drops next and the cycle continues.

Doesn’t help that most buildings do not come with air cleaning systems and the air-con systems help to circulate the bacteria to a larger group of people.

Saying that, I was once downed by a seriously ill person on a train.

He was sneezing,coughing and wiping his nose on his hands and sleeve while sitting next to me. The next day I started to exhibit symptoms of a flu, next thing  I know, I visited the doctor four times before I started feeling better.

Maybe the crux to my problem is my immune system.

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