“I read “The Second Sex”, I read “The Cinderella Complex”, I’m responsible for my own orgasms, I don’t care! ” Quote from Tootsie

I’m single and in my mid- 30s.

I’ve never dated, never kissed a guy and never…well think you should guessed by now what I never did.

It’s not that uncommon amongst my close friends (either that’s what I want to believe or they are not sharing bed stories with me) but it seems to be incredibly hard to meet someone you like who likes you back.

I don’t have very high standards  (or at least I don’t think I do) but somehow me and my friends have a hard time finding interested parties.

And while lamenting on  that, we will bring up other people (who are not close friends) who are horrible , either in looks or personality, who would snag the nicest guy/gal you can find.

One time, on Valentine’s Day, while dejectedly shopping by myself watching in envy and disgust at couples everywhere, I saw this woman, literally pulling her boyfriend while he was walking beside her as he played his Sony PS2! He was not even looking where he was going, he was the blind being lead by his dog (I am in no way trying to insult the woman,its merely an analogy).

It’s Valentine for god sakes Dude! How the hell is she not mad and is still willing to date this guy??

Another time, while smoking sheesha with a guy that I fancied (who in the end did not returned the sentiments) I noticed a young couple sitting next to us. He was engrossed with his iPad and she was watching a Korean drama on a laptop. They came out all the way for a date at a hip  and happening sheesha outdoor cafe to do things separately and not even acknowledging each other. I consoled my broken heart later by reminding myself of this couple.

Then there are friends we know that panic about remaining single and dying alone after they turn 30. Its kind of like some DNA mutation that occurs in them and they are able to accept any bullshit excuse of a man/woman and announce that they are getting married.

There are also those that seem to think that being married before and divorced is better than never being married at all. Cos just being picked previously and not left on the shelf (despite the picker dumping said product later) means somehow you are normal.

Although, to be fair, at my darkest moments I have often wondered what deviant mutant personality or looks  do I not see that makes guys I like say “Nah, sorry not interested.”

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