I like to read. Its been a habit of mine since young and TV and the Internet has not lured me away from that habit yet.

I categorize my reading into serious reading, learning reading, pressure reading, lifetime reading and frivolous reading.

Serious Reading are usually books that I can admit I read to the world.

Learning reading are things like cookbooks and language books.

Pressure reading could include anything from Twilight books to Sophie’s World.

Lifetime Reading aka (I can never finish this book) also, funny enough, include books like Sophie’s World and any religious books.

None of the four types of reading are in the same league as frivolous reading.

Frivolous reading tends to include lots of romance titles. And recently I started on a series call Stephanie Plum.

I’m not going into the series premise but I wanted to talk more about how morally righteous I found romance readers to be.

So, the latest volume came out and I was checking it out on Amazon and reading through the comments (which included spoilers, which I love). And I noticed many readers just bashing the author because the heroine is now sleeping with two guys that she likes.

In view of the century we lived in now I was a bit surprised at how conservative the readers are.

So I got to thinking about all the other romance books that I read (which is quite a lot) and I’m starting to notice that most of the writers tend to have their heroines married at the last chapter or at the end of the series, whichever comes first.

Apparently, romance readers are all for their heroines getting hot and sweaty and marrying pirates and jewel thieves (as long as they reform at the end of the story).

The heroines basically get away with anything except sleeping around, unless of course, the main male character was sleeping around too. Usually, it seems the male character is hotter if he is “experienced” and the heroine is clueless.

But it’s another thing to willingly sleep with two male characters who appears to be smitten with her.

Quite a few readers were calling the heroine names like slut and stuff.

To be fair, if I have two hot men smitten for me, I don’t think I can just say yes to one either. I think the author was just trying to be realistic ( even though the plots of the books are not ) to what a gal would do.

It’s also interesting to read certain romance writers who have been writing since the 80’s.

If you take the time to read their works in chronological order, you can pick up some of the changing of times through things like how the characters don’t tend to worry much about condoms in the 70’s and 80’s but became more concerned about it in later years. It’s sometimes also weird to read something written in the 80’s or 90’s when SMS , emails and Facebook is not yet prevalent and the characters goes around either without phones or are using pagers and payphones.

You’ll also notice that technology don’t coincide with the times in most of the established writers (meaning older) work. I hardly see our protagonists exchanging Facebook,MSN or Tweeter accounts in stories nor do many of them carry smart phones or iPad around.

And why don’t any of them WhatsApp each other?

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