Bad Year to be one of my possessions

My horoscope warned me this year that many unexpected expenses will pop up.

I was expecting a massive moth attack on my clothes and I have to do a complete wardrobe change, but instead the curse appeared to land on things I wanted to not have to spend money on.

It first happened to my toilet in Feb, the flush got broken and started discretely leaking.It was so discrete that I only discovered the issue when my water bill shot up by more than half of what it usually is.

The next that died was my video camera. Which was really strange and happened at a really inopportune time. I had not touched the camera for months and took it out to get ready for a trip only to discover that it was not working anymore. The price of fixing it was half the cost of a new camera. I declined the offer to ship parts from Japan.

The next item, really broke my heart and again it was like having a curse hung over me, as there was just no probable explanation of what happened. I was opening up my shoe cabinet to take out my favorite Clarks nude pumps to wear, when I discovered the pumps in a condition, which I can only described as a radioactive spider puked web all over it and left sticky green oil residue on it (which is probably from the radioactive spider saliva.) Seriously, the pumps were covered in some kind of web like substance and had green colored oil all over. I tried washing them and got rid of the webbing but not the oil. All other shoes in the cabinet were fine, just my favorite pair of pumps. Which I had only wore a week ago and I’m pretty sure I did not pass by any chemical spills on the road.

The whole incident was just strange.

Next up, I drowned my phone in water that I was pouring into my cup which I missed and it ended up killing the 0,# and 9 buttons on my phone.I thought about encountering a situation in which I would need to call 999 (although that has never occurred) and thought it would be prudent to get a functioning phone.

That happened in May, just 5 months into 2011 and I was a few hundred short due to crappy astrology.

More stuff broke down and require replacement and repairs between May and Oct and this month I had the pleasure of changing my vacuum cleaner which decided to commit suicide by slitting its own tubing and leaving a gaping hole. The cost of replacing the gaping hole was more than half of what a new vacuum would cost, so with the ‘why repair a 5 year old machine when I can get something new” mentality that is keeping this economy going I set off for Harvey Norman.

It’s been a while since I have shopped for a vacuum cleaner and I discovered several new models that was bag-less. I saw the advantages of a bag-less vacuum, you don’t have to change the bags and you don’t have to buy expensive bags ( another way companies treat us as suckers). But then I got to thinking about what I usually do with a vacuum cleaner (nothing porno) and the bag-less models lost their appeal. For one thing, the containers all looked nice,transparent and plastic. And my butter fingers tend to make me lose a few jars,cups and bowls a year which include clean up effort with my trusty vacuum cleaner. I don’t think the nice ,transparent and plastic containers can take shards of glass swirling around and hitting it at full 2000 watt speed. Another deterrent is caused by the number of lizards I have visiting my lovely home. Being in an all girls flat, the only solution to these uninvited guests is to suck them away from our sight, again with the trusty vacuum cleaner. It’s not really out of our sight if I use the nice ,transparent and plastic containers. Plus I would probably see more of the lizards than I want to and the thought of cleaning up the container afterwards make me wanna puke.

So dust bag vacuum cleaner it is. One more month till the end of 2011, hopefully my stars are moving in the other direction…..


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